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Fatboy Favourites Gift Box
Fatboy Favourites Gift Box

Fatboy Favourites Gift Box
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$ 95.00

What better way to try all of your favourites with our Fatboy Favourites Gift Box. The collection includes one of each of the following: The product that started it all: Perfect Putty, Water Wax: for those slick clean looks, Styling cream, Sea Salt Pomade and Daily Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.

1 x Perfect Putty:

  • The putty that started it all. Smooth & creamy to the touch, once applied, Fatboy Perfect Putty will give your hair that all important matte finish, and a second day texture from day one.

1 x Boss Dog:

  • A versatile styling cream with just the right amount of slip and slide to give your hair the perfect hold, without taking away its natural flow.

1 x Tough Guy Water Wax:

  • The ideal wax for taming coarse or thick hair. Tough Guy provides just the right amount of shine without the grease of traditional, oil based waxes.

 1 x Sea Salt Pomade: 

  • The texture and finish of a sea salt spray with the flexibility of a cream pomade.
  • This innovative lightweight cream creates that beachy texture, without drying out the hair
  • Sulphate and paraben free.
  • 2.6 oz

1 x Daily Hydrating Shampoo:

  • Moisturizes dry hair and nourishes strands from root to tip whilst maintaining the shine normally lost by the hair during shampooing.
  • Helps to repair damage, increase hair strength and protect hair from UV-damage.
  • Sulphate and paraben free.
  • 10 oz bottle

1 x Daily Hydrating Conditioner:

  • A weightless, nourishing conditioner that leaves hair manageable, soft and shiny
  • Sulphate and paraben free.
  • 10 oz bottle